Feared among many, Manny Pacquiao’s career as a fighter has been highlighted in the industry. He’s a well-rounded fighter with no apparent weaknesses, which was probably why many fighters were so reluctant to step into the ring with him. However, if you were to break down Manny’s strategy in the ring, you would see that there’s something unique that he brings to the table- conditioning.


Manny almost never gets tired, and this is evident by the fact that he’s always punching just as quickly and as hard in the last round of a fight as the first round. For this reason, it is easy to see why conditioning is so important in Portland boxing matches. Below you’ll get a first-hand
glimpse at Manny’s daily exercise routine that he uses as a boxer.


Manny’s Daily Exercise Routine – Structure

One of the initial routines that Manny participates in is a 5-mile run. This either increases or decreases slightly in distance depending on the amount of sparring that he’s going to do that day. Next, he participates in shadow boxing, which will help him build up a sweat prior to actual boxing.

From here he moves on to 8 rounds of heavy bag training, in which he puts emphasis on hitting the bag hard and with precision. After this he moves to 3 rounds of double-end bag training, followed by 3 rounds of jumping rope. Manny finally ends his training routine with 6 to 8 rounds of sparring (sometimes 12). After this, he cools down for the day.


Portland Boxing: Dealing With Soreness From All That Conditioning Work!



How Precisely Should You Follow This Regimen?

Note that Manny is a professional fighter, so you probably don’t need to follow is Portland boxing training routine exactly. However, it should provide you with a unique insight onto how the professionals spend their time conditioning. Also note that you don’t need to perform these in any particular order either. You might want to start your day with shadow boxing and sparring followed by ending it with a 5-mile run – it’s completely up to you.

Whichever routines you decide to incorporate your own day-to-day routine, know that cardiovascular training is very important in one’s Portland boxing career. Being in-shape will allow you to push the pace when your opponent gets tired, and will provide you with confidence knowing that you can easily fight all 12 rounds (or any other number of rounds) without getting winded.