All great MMA fighters understand, to some degree, the basics behind a solid takedown. This is why you should participate in MMA drills that are going to help you become proficient in this area. Note that there are dozens and dozens of takedowns that you can use to become a better fighter, which range from double leg to single leg takedowns, and everything else in between.

MMA Takedown

MMA Takedown: Double-Leg

The double-leg takedown is a move that requires you to grab both of your opponent’s legs prior to taking them down. The benefit of this takedown against say, a single-leg takedown, so that your opponent will have less balance. As a result, they won’t be able to defend themselves as effectively. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when performing this takedown:

– Grab your opponent’s legs just above their knees

– Keep your head up

– Allow your forward momentum to force your opponent off balance

– Thrust your shoulders forward prior to bringing them down

Once you take them down, maintain your grip on your opponent’s legs. As you slide up their body, you can slowly work your way into the mount position and work grappling and striking techniques to finish the fight.

MMA Takedown: Single-Leg

Single-leg MMA takedown drills are also effective at helping you takedown your opponents more efficiently. With this takedown, it is even more important that you maintain good posture since you won’t be grabbing both of your opponent’s legs. They will have a bit more leverage when it comes to defending, so you must be very good at maintaining your posture when taking your opponents down.


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MMA Takedown: Hip and Neck Throws

A hip throw requires that you use your hips to pivot and force your opponents off balance. This takedown technique doesn’t require you to “shoot” in like the previous two techniques. Instead, you are using ample leverage and hips to get them to the ground. The neck throw is basically the same as a hip throw, with the only difference being that you are placing your hands around your opponent’s neck. Whichever technique you decide to use,
make sure that you maintain control once you’ve taken your opponent down. MMA drills that focus on submissions after the takedown are important, and will ultimately make you much more lethal as an MMA fighter.


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MMA Takedown Technique: Sprawling Like a Pro

A “sprawl” is basically a defensive technique that you can use to keep your opponents’ away from your feet and legs. By shooting your hips and legs back when your opponents shoot in, you will successfully disarm their attack. Then you can switch to the offensive and either strike or go in for a submission. When sprawling, it is important that you push your opponent’s head down, use your hands to push away, and keep the tops of our feet on the ground. Keeping these three tips in mind will successfully lessen the chance of being taken down while you are in a mixed-martial arts with a
good takedown fighter.