Hand Wraps Muay Thai Style

The Muay Thai we train in here at NWFA has deep, traditional roots.  Master Chai, who Professor Jeff trained with extensively, is a world class teacher. Who emphasizes honor and respect of Muay Thai history in the art he spreads around the world.  In today’s article we will look at the traditional Hand Wraps for Muay Thai.

Hand WrapsThe Kaad Chuek, or practice of wrapping the hands with rope only changed relatively recently in the 1920’s. After encountering boxers from France and other regions of the world. The Thai moved away from the traditional wraps and soft groin covers for the enhanced protection of modern gloves and hard groin protectors. This makes the art notably safer to practice as the ropes made for a punishingly hard and abrasive striking tool.  Knots were often worked into the rope over the knuckles providing more padding for the strikers hand and a rougher surface for their opponent.

Within the oral history of Muay Thai it is said that during some bouts, fragments of bone or glass would be worked into the surface of the Kaad Chuek creating a potentially deadly tool.

Check out this video of how to do the Kaad Chuek for a look into the traditions of the Mauy Thai you are learning.  Feel free to chat with one of your Coaches at the Academy if you would like to learn more.

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