There is a certain pleasant surprise when it comes to kickboxing for self-defense. Many people tend to look at so many different forms of martial arts to help them to feel confident within the self-defense realm. What you will find that a great kickboxing workout not only helps you to get fit and in shape, but it also helps you to gain some great self-defense skills. You do want to be sure that you find the right type of class, and then add it to your regimen properly.

Kickboxing Self-Defense

…the power to fight, and win.


The best way to do this is to shop around or investigate some classes until you find one that you feel fits best for your needs. There are plenty of kickboxing classes to be found, but the best ones for you are the ones that focus on self-defense movements and thoughts as well as just fitness. Once you find that type of class then you also need to get into the habit of mixing it into your exercise routine often. You should be focused on this type of class at least a few times a week and then mix in some other variety to keep the fitness regimen going strong in your life. Variety is always key in that capacity!


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A Nice Balance and Great Regimen Are What It’s All About

A good combination of movements mixed with a great instructor with a nice focus and balance of both cardio, strength, and self-defense type of exercises make for an excellent and well balanced regimen. There are some extraordinary ways to use kickboxing in this manner that will make you stronger than you ever thought possible. This should be the main focus of your exercise regimen and you should feel empowered through these exercises. Many people become hooked on kickboxing for this very reason and therefore it becomes a main focus of their workout regimen moving forward.


Portland Kickboxing Self-Defense Technique: Cup Knee to the Ribs


Do take the time to really concentrate on your movements and the precision that you bring to them. Kickboxing can work quite well for self defense, but only if you are performing the kicks and punches and other movements properly. Be sure that blocks and other defense and proactive movements are working well for you too. The whole broad view of kickboxing should be balanced with an emphasis on self defense as well as exercise. When you find that great kickboxing class, it’s bound to be part of your workout regimen well into the future as you will just love what you find and how you feel.