Jiu Jitsu Tips For Training in PortlandA comprehensive listing of Jiu Jitsu tips would be a little difficult to provide. The reason is that people have different body structures, strengths/weaknesses, and approaches to their training. There are, however, quite a number of common tips for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which can greatly help your ability to get the most out of the game.

However, there are some pointers which many will consider BJJ common sense. Here is a look at some of those more common tips:

Probably the most helpful Jiu Jitsu tips you will hear in BJJ is that you should stress position over submission. There is good reason why this advice is given so frequently – it makes sense. When you are able to dominate the position, you increase your chances of finishing with a submission. Rushing errantly into submissions is rarely a strategy for success.

Work on escapes early in your game. Actually, you want to work on escapes all throughout your BJJ career but you definitely need to put a lot of emphasis on them early in the game since you will find yourself in inferior positions more often when you are a beginner. Clearly, you need to work on getting out of them.

Follow the 80/20 rule of BJJ – examine where you spend 80% of your time in sparring and then invest 80% of your training on building up these areas. The remaining 20% can mimic whatever your wish it to but 80% of your time should be spent covering your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the time you spend on the mat rolling. This will do a great deal to help ensure your skills improve in the correct areas. Often dismissed, the 80/20 rule is among the most vital of all Jiu Jitsu tips.

You should look for being a precise mechanically as possible when learning new (and reviewing old) moves. The reason this is so important is that even if you are only slightly off with your precision, the move you try to execute just might fail. This can lead to a lot of frustration or worse, muscle. That brings us to the next point – do not muscle any techniques! Doing so implies you are trying to use brute force to finish a move. A strategy such as that rarely works when you deal with a bigger or more athletic opponent.

When you roll (grappling sparring) with a training partner, go slow and work more on technique and skill in performance. Never make a rolling session one that is overly competitive or too fast and uncontrolled. Not only do you undermine the ability to learn, you also greatly increase the potential for injury.

Straight Forward Jiu Jitsu Tips

As you can see, there is no magic or mystery with Jiu Jitsu tips. Rather, there are straight forward points of advice and insight which can definitely help your game. As long as you adhere to these very basic tips and insights, you will discover your game improves somewhat dramatically….and that is no exaggeration!



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