Jiu JItsu stretching in portlandJiu Jitsu stretching is essential for long term success Anyone who was a karate student “back in the day” remembers those old leg stretching machines and devices found in the dojo. Generally, there were employed for high kicking and since most martial artists today are not into high kicks, you don’t see these devices very often.

You also don’t really see much of an interest in stretching which is not a good thing. The martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is one where stretching could prove enormously beneficial. Imagine how much more effective your guard would be if you enhanced your flexibility a great deal. You also will find the potential for injuries drops down immensely when you have a greater range of flexibility. It should go without saying the value of reduced injuries is nothing which should ever be dismissed.

Increasing your awareness and knowledge on this subject could certainly prove to be very helpful if you wish to increase your flexibility. Purchasing a couple of solid books on the subject of stretching would definitely not be a bad idea. Unfortunately, there are no well known tomes on the subject of stretching for Jiu Jitsu. There are, however, many general sport stretching books and they are all well worth acquiring. Works on runner’s stretches and even stretching for bodybuilding might prove to be an excellent help as far as enhancing your flexibility is concerned.

While you might have a bit of trouble finding a decent book on the subject, you can find articles and videos on the subject of stretching for Jiu Jitsu on the web. These resources may prove invaluable since they provide excellent insight and information on activity specific stretching for the art of BJJ. While general stretching is a good thing, you do need to perform activity specific stretches in order to ensure you are getting the most value out of the stretches in the best manner possible.

You might also notice those who are fond of Jiu Jitsu stretching will also be fans of Yoga. Enrolling in a weekly Yoga class might prove to be one of the better ways to enhance your flexibility in a safe and effective manner.

Consistent Jiu Jitsu Stretching

Just be sure to be consistent with any stretching for Jiu Jitsu program you take part in. You won’t see very much in terms of results if you are inconsistent with your stretching. On the other side of the coin, you must avoid trying to do too much. Very long stretching sessions could end up being unproductive and might even undermine any benefits which you would gain from a more moderate approach to your stretching.