Jiu Jitsu hip development “better hips” in Jiu-Jitsu refers to the overall awareness that you have towards your extremities and shift in body weight while grappling. If your hips are used incorrectly against a seasoned opponent, they will be able to take capitalize on the situation by tapping you out or transitioning to a dominant position. Below are 4 Jiu-Jitsu drills that you can use to increase hip awareness.

Jiu Jitsu Hip Development Drills


Drill #1: No-Hands Guard Defense

Application: Learn how to become more proficient while defending in the guard.

Difficulty: Moderate

With the no-hands guard defense drill, one partner should start on the bottom with both of their hands latched onto their belt. They will not be allowed to use their hands during the drill. The top partner should then attempt to pass the bottom person’s guard.


jiu jitsu hip developmentDrill #2: Blindfold Sparring (from Knees)

Application: Create a heightened sense of awareness for specific body parts by not being able to use your eyes.

Difficulty: Easy

With this drill, both partners should be wearing a blindfold and should be starting from their knees. From here, they should spar as normal, attempting to achieve dominate positions and submissions. Jiu-Jitsu drills like these are excellent because they allow you to develop a better “feel” for where your body is at relative to your opponents. Make sure to go slow and always be safe. If you injure your partners there are less people to help you push to a higher level.


Drill #3: Mount to Half-Guard Transition (Continual)

Application: Learn how to quickly transition back into the half-guard after your opponent has mounted you.

Difficulty: Hard

Starting from the half-guard position, the top partner should attempt to mount the bottom partner. As the transition is happening, the bottom partner will need to rotate their hips while hooking their opponent’s opposite leg on the other side. This will ultimately place both partners back into the half-guard position. Each time that the transition occurs, there should be a shift in what side the partners are starting on.

hip developmentHip Development Drill #4: Hip Scoot

Application: Learn how to scoot out your hips while avoiding falling flat on your back.

Difficulty: Easy

This is a solo drill that is great for creating hip awareness as well as better your technique. Start the drill by lying down flat on your back. Now shift your hips to one side and scoot your buttocks backwards, eventually moving back to your starting position. Each time that you scoot back, change the side that you are performing the drill on.

How Long Should The Drills Be?

These Jiu-Jitsu drills shown be performed periodically throughout your training sessions. While they may feel awkward in the beginning, you will eventually come to the point where you can flow through them with little difficulty. Be sure that you choose a training partner who is going to realistically simulate a real grappling situation as this is the best way to perfect your technique.