Is it Safe For My Daughter To Take Self-Defense Classes?

As a parent, you might feel a little nervous about your daughter taking self-defense classes. First of all, know that what you’re feeling is completely normal. No parent wants to see his or her child get put in harm’s way. However, you need to realize that self-defense classes are inherently safe (as long as you choose the right gym). Once your daughter takes self-defense classes they’ll be more confident, be in better shape, and be able to defend themselves against bullies.

How Much Do Children Self-Defense Classes Cost?

The cost of a child’s self-defense class will, on average, cost less than that of an adult class. For your daughter’s class, expect to pay about $60 to $80 per month for weekly classes. Note that this doesn’t include the price of the gi, which will probably cost another $50 or so.

Will My Daughter Practice With Boys or Girls?

Self-Defense Classes

This really depends on where she is training. In general, a lot of gyms that offer child self-defense classes with have a healthy mix of both girls and boys. No matter how old your daughter is, or what her experience level may be, the chances are good that she’ll be able to practice with someone of a similar age and skill level. Even if she is the least experienced grappler in her class, there’s virtually chance that she’s going to get injured assuming that the instructors are doing their jobs.

What Should My Daughter Expect From The Classes?

For the most part, child self-defense classes aren’t going to be that intense, at least compared to adult classes. The key to success in children is to have fun. If children aren’t having fun in their classes then they’ll probably grow up to resent the sport. Self-defense classes will probably be offered daily, and will last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half.

What will your daughter learn? The skills taught at a self-defense gym are priceless. Your daughter will build up her self-defense arsenal, lessening the chance that she’ll get bullied. But above anything, she’s going to develop a lot of confidence, and this will carry over into her teenage and adult years.

To answer the original question, it’s perfectly safe (and recommended) for your daughter to take self-defense classes. And the sooner that you sign her up for the classes the sooner that they’ll be able to experience all of these benefits and more.