Jiu Jitsu instructor in Portland

The Original Jiu Jitsu Instructor

You cannot teach yourself Jiu Jitsu. You need to study under a qualified Jiu Jitsu instructor who can help develop your skills and talents. Who knows? You may learn so much about the art from a qualified instructor that you may end up becoming an instructor yourself. Under the right hands, a really great instructor could help mold you into an excellent competitor on the tournament circuit. From this, you would gain all the great honors and accolades that come with such accomplishments.

All of these things could prove to be true provided you pick the right instructor.

Is there a science to selecting a Jiu Jitsu instructor? There is and here are a few of the insights you should prescribe to when you want to be sure you have picked the right trainer.

There are many different criteria a person can apply to picking an instructor. Some may feel interested in enrolling in a school taught by a famous and high ranked instructor while others would prefer more “under the radar” schools taught by lower ranked by highly enthusiastic trainers.

The issue here is you want to find an instructor that is right for you and helps you meet the goals you are interested in. A problem here is that many potential students will become a bit enamored with the sales pitch of an instructor or titles he may have won in the past. All of these things are well and good but if the instructor is not offering what you are primarily interested in, you won’t find your tenure at the school to be all that enjoyable.

For example, if you are interested in training in the Gi and the Jiu Jitsu instructor you are considering only trains in No Gi, you might not end up finding your tenure at the school to be all that enjoyable.

You should also look closer at the particular teaching style of the Jiu Jitsu instructor. Different martial arts instructors will different approaches to the way they teach. You definitely want the style of the instructor to match what you personally are looking for as far as a style which would contribute to your growth.

Consider Everything with a Jiu Jitsu Instructor

The vibe of the class is another area of consideration which should not be overlooked. You definitely want to feel confident that the class is one that is both friendly and upbeat. If it is not very welcoming then you might not enjoy the class at all or really learn very much there.



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