How Parents Can Encourage Kids to Stay Active

Technology has made a lot of positive changes for us, and at the forefront of these are the countless means of entertainment that have arisen in the past decade. Problems start to develop, however, when children choose to stay on the computer or play videogames around the clock and skip out on exercise. If you are facing this problem, these tips for how parents can encourage kids to stay active may be helpful.

Set a Good Example

If you want your kids to get more exercise, the first thing you should reflect on is the kind of example that you are setting for them. What do you usually do when you are at home? Do you go out and walk around the neighborhood or workout in any way? Are you available to play catch with them or take them to the park? Children inadvertently imitate a lot of behavior from their parents, so if you’re active and engaged with them, it will encourage them to exercise and play outside more.

Make Exercise a Reward

A lot of parents put limits on the amount of device time their kids can have. But this alone may not be enough to get your kids active. In addition to placing some restrictions on device usage, you should aim to make physical activity a reward rather than a punishment in the minds of your kids. Forcing your child to shut down their computer and exercise instead might make them averse to it; however, letting them go outside and play as a break from more difficult activities, such as homework, can put it in a more positive light.

Find the Right Fit

Not every child is going to prefer the same things. Consequently, you should expose your kid to a range of sports and other activities to find the one that they enjoy participating in. Team sports are great if your child is competitive and enjoys high-energy settings. But you could also place them in swimming classes or dance classes. Further, martial arts are the perfect choice for many kids because it teaches them confidence and keeps them moving. Plus, it presents them with room for visible growth with belt ranks. And while they do not need to work in a team per se, they still learn how to treat others with respect in an environment among peers, older students, and instructors.

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