benefits of bjjWith so many extra curricular options available to children, it can be tough for parents to select the right activities that will help their kids to develop essential skills. Although after school sports leagues are a popular choice, the benefits of BJJ and other martial arts disciplines can allow young children to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally in a number of ways. Here are just some of the reasons to enroll your child in a studio for martial arts Portland parents trust.

Increased Physical Activity

In the midst of the digital age, it’s only natural that many parents would be concerned about their child’s lack of physical fitness. Although the American Heart Association recommends that children over the age of two engage in least one hour per day of moderate physical activity, American kids are leading more sedentary lives than ever. Physical education classes are being cut across the country, while a reliance on electronic devices tends to keep kids on the couch. Enrolling your child in a martial arts class will allow them to get a great workout while learning fascinating physical skills that can benefit them in a host of other ways. Because the goal of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other disciplines isn’t explicitly to burn off calories, your child won’t get bored or discouraged but will still work up a sweat.

Improved Concentration, Self-Control, and Structure

Unstructured play certainly has its place in child development. However, many children will benefit from participating in activities that have specific structure and that promote increased focus and control over their own bodies and minds. Martial arts emphasize the importance of concentration, as well as listening, being still, and executing moves in a very specific way. Participants need to stay focused in order to perform and to keep themselves (and others) safe. There are clear rules for behavior that must be followed, as well. In this way, it’s clear that one of the benefits of BJJ and other martial arts classes is that the lessons learned in the studio can easily translate into the classroom and even into the workforce. Being able to follow directions and focus on the task at-hand are valuable skills that will help your child succeed both professionally and personally.

Greater Respect and Self-Esteem

Martial arts can also boost self-confidence in young participants. Being able to achieve specific goals and execute moves on the mat can reinforce feelings of accomplishment and self-worth. Ultimately, that positive self-image will follow your child into any number of scenarios. What’s more, involvement in different martial arts disciplines will instill the importance of showing respect for others — their peers and their instructors. One of the many benefits of BJJ, judo, karate, and other disciplines is that mutual respect is essential. It’s not about doing damage to your opponent; it’s about learning new skills that allow for personal achievement, without harming anyone else. This approach can be a refreshing alternative to ultra-competitiveness and can allow children to respect themselves and others, even when they don’t “win.”

Enhanced Resilience and Personal Growth

A big part of martial arts is having the resilience to keep trying. No one masters a skill or a move their first time. But instead of becoming discouraged, your child will learn to pick themselves back up and keep working towards their goals. And speaking of goals, another one of the benefits of BJJ and other related disciplines is that the focus is on manageable growth of personal skills. These goals can be achieved at each child’s own pace, ensuring that no participant feels left behind or like they can’t measure up. This can serve as a source of ongoing encouragement and keep kids engaged in order to see their goals through — no matter how long it takes.

If your child has an interest in the martial arts or you want to find a new way to help them succeed, our studio can serve your family’s needs. To learn more, please contact us today.