Martial arts The most identifiable quality of a total winner is an overall attitude of personal optimism and enthusiasm. Winners understand the psychosomatic relationship-psyche and soma-mind and body…that the body expresses what the mind is concerned with. They know that life is a self-fulfilling prophecy, that a person usually gets what he or she actively expects. Losers say, “With my luck, I was bound to fail.” Winners say: “I was good today, I’ll be better tomorrow.”

How does Martial arts help build this winning attitude and what things can I do steer my growth in this direction?

1- Look for the Positive Solution.

When talking to yourself or others speak in the positive. Look for something good in all of your positive relationships. For the next 30 days try this exercise. Every time something negative happens. Sit down and write out 10 positive things about the situation. This may be difficult at first, but if you take the time to do this practice it will pay out huge rewards.

2- Perceived Success or Failure.

a- Think of times in your life where you went in to an activity or test expecting to lose. Most likely you lost or did poorly on the exam. Very rarely do you surprise yourself and succeed when you expected to fail.
b- You should always expect the best for yourself and expect to succeed in the end. Eventually you will, even though there will be challenging hurdles along the way.
c- Think about the first time you tried to deliver a round kick or do a shrimp in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Was it perfect? No, but if you focus on how much fun it is and will be when you are more proficient in the art you will continue to grow. Through this consistent practice your efforts will pay out great rewards.

3- Stay Relaxed and Positive.

a- When training if you are under pressure or in a vulnerable position relax, be safe and learn. Don’t panic and fight the resistance learn how to flow and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you.
b- When engaged in an argument or uncomfortable conversation listen, relax, understand and redirect. Do not let someone else pull you down.

There were two monks walking down a dirt road. It had just rained and it was muddy with puddles everywhere. They came across a lady who was on the far side of a puddle and could not cross without getting her dress all muddy. So one of the monks rolls up his pants walks to the other side of the puddle and carries the lady to the other side. A couple miles down the road one of the monks is extremely upset. He say’s “You know we are forbidden to touch females yet you picked up that lady back there”. The other monk replied “you are still thinking about that lady? I left her back there at the puddle”.
It is easy to get caught up in the moment and detoured down a negative path. Learn to stay relaxed and positive avoid being the angry monk.

Martial arts4- Believe in Yourself.

Stay positive in your thoughts when thinking about your health, goals, weight, nutrition, and mental well-being.
a- Pick 3 areas of your training could be a technique, strategy, mindset, discipline or effort. Such as: footwork, form, rhythm, consistency, time, attitude etc… and for the next 30 days practice. Ask your instructor questions, be focused on your ability to become more proficient in this area.
b- Focus on your sleep. Do the best you can to go to bed and wake up at the same time for the next 30 days. If you do this you will find you have more energy and stamina than you are used to if this is not already your norm.

5- Expect the Best from Others.

Encouragement and praise are two keys to being a successful leader.

6- The Best way to Develop an Optimistic Attitude is to Associate with Others who are of Like Mind.

Being involved in a positive community such as a martial art academy is a great way to build these relationships.
a- Teaching others to be more positive is good for your growth and will help you to develop more consistency with staying on the positive track. Finding ways to subtly plant positive seeds of knowledge will prove to be beneficial to all and will help those around you feel more inspired when they realize these ideas on their own.

7- Vocalize your Optimism and give Praise to Those around you.

a- Being a good partner in class means supporting your partners vocally and giving them praise when they succeed.
b- Instructors can give students more praise and spotlight students that are working hard or showing improvement. Make it a big deal.
c- Expect the best from others and tell them you know they can do better.

Play around with some of these ideas and try some of the exercises and let us know how it is working. You may have some inspiration that motivates someone else in class so make sure to post your results at: