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Jiu Jitsu Tournaments Challenge Your Skill

To someone who trains BJJ for fun, fitness, self defense, or just the enjoyment of club rolling, Jiu Jitsu tournaments might not be something they wish to participate in. They might not have a desire to be active competitors and they might not feel they have the time to dedicate to the preparation required to win. Others will have serious concerns over potential injuries. All of these concerns are legitimate but none of these concerns should be considered an impediment to entering a local tournament.

Simply put, you should not let anything discourage you from gaining the experience of tournament competition.


Here is the golden rule of Jiu Jitsu tournaments: winning and losing mean nothing. Wins and losses are only important if you want to become a famous high level black belt champion. Only so many people can reach this level. For the rest of the people training for and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, the process is never about winning or losing. It is about learning, growing, and experiencing the art.

Jiu jitsu tournaments techniques:

And there is a little secret about competing: training for a tournament can help improve your game a great deal because it promotes proper learning. No one is going to take their training time anything less than serious when a tournament is coming up. This is not to say the fun will go out of training or that it becomes a job. Rather, your goals become much more conducive to improving your performance. The result of this is your performance improves to a greater degree than would be possible if you did not compete. Without a clear goal in mind or a delineated timeframe for improvement, you may find yourself on a plateau. Training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments can help you avoid plateaus because the very nature of this type of training is designed to overcome any present performance limitations.

Do you have weaknesses in your game? Of course you do! Everyone has weaknesses. The real questions to address would be how to improve on your weak areas. Without a targeted direction, you might not overcome the weaknesses in your game. You might not even be able to clearly define your weaknesses. Consider training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments to be among the best ways to address your weaknesses and overcome them.


You definitely will know exactly where you stand skill wise when the tournament is over. To repeat, there is no such thing as a bad performance unless you break the rules. You are using the tournament as a means of determining where your skill level is and how to improve it. This also goes for those who win!


Jiu Jitsu Tournament TrainingAnd never overlook the health component of this type of training. Training for a tournament not only entails performing Jiu Jitsu techniques in training. It also entails strength and conditioning, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and adhering to a proper diet. All of these components serve one purpose: they improve your fitness which, in turn, improves your health.


Finally, competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments promotes growth on many levels. When you overcome your nervousness and fear of stepping on the mat in front of a crowd, you grow as a person. Ask any serious competitive athlete in any sport if this is true. They will definitely tell you that it is.


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