mmaIn the U.S. in 2016, the number of participants (aged six years and older) in martial arts amounted to approximately 3.58 million. Considering the health benefits of MMA, it’s no wonder why this activity is so popular. But it’s not just physically healthy — mixed martial arts actually give your brain and mental health a boost as well. Here are just a few proven ways MMA improves your mental wellbeing.

Improved Self-Confidence

In a study of older adults, 54% of the subjects who practiced tai chi attributed an improved sense of confidence to their improved balance. But it’s not just tai chi — all types of MMA are known for boosting self-confidence, even when you aren’t actively participating in the sport. Here’s why:

“With martial arts, one of the positives that we gain in our lives is a supreme sense of confidence. Martial arts training is extremely trying. It will push us past our limits and raise our potential to levels we never thought possible within ourselves. With each obstacle we overcome, we enhance our self-esteem. Martial arts isn’t a destination, it’s a journey,” says Evolve Daily.

Improves Mental Strength

Many people are quick to assume that martial arts are a way to release all of your pent-up energy and frustrations that have built up over the day. But more so, martial arts is centered around improving mental strength and dexterity so that you yourself have more control over your emotions. Martial arts allows you to get in tune with your mind and free it from all distractions.

Increased Life Satisfaction

The physical benefits of MMA improve your mental health over time. The American Heart Association recommends that children over the age of two engage in at least one hour a day of moderate physical activity, and getting this much-needed physical activity makes you a happier person day in and day out. The confidence and clarity boosts that come with MMA participation make for unlimited possibilities and opportunities in your personal and professional life.

Ultimately, understanding the mental benefits of kickboxing and other MMA styles is the best way to choose the right physical activity for your needs. For more information about kickboxing classes, contact NW Fighting.