In boxing, the “Golden Gloves” refers to a name that is given to a tournament strictly designed for amateur boxers in the United States. In some cases, the term might be used to refer to the National Gloves competition, but most of the time, it simply represents amateur tournaments which take place in various regions across the United States. What are the golden gloves in boxing and how can it help amateur fighters? Let’s find out below.

What Are The Golden Gloves in Boxing?

What Are The Golden Gloves in Boxing?

Brief History

The first Golden Gloves tournament took place in 1923 in Chicago. During that time, all of the amateur boxers who won their fights received miniature golden gloves as their prizes. Ever since that time, Golden Glove boxing has become a deep and integral part of the amateur boxing scene in the United States. Golden Gloves tournaments can take place on both a regional and national level, and like professional boxing, is divided up into several different weight classes. These weight classes help keep the fights fair and safe.


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Major Golden Gloves Tournaments

The Golden Gloves tournaments provide notable tournaments in major cities like New York and Chicago, and can offer amateur fighters the social outlet that they need to grow in the sport. As a general rule, most of these tournaments are hosted, planned, and directed by charities setup by Golden Gloves.

Whenever amateur fighters win their regional bouts within these tournaments, they will move up to nationally-exposed fights, which is referred to as the “Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions”. This tournament is held once per year, and the site for the tournament changes on a yearly basis.


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Who Can Participate?

The Golden Gloves tournaments are all designed for non-professional boxers who are at least 16 years of age. It’s important to note that there is also something known as a Silver Gloves amateur tournament which is designed for fighters who are between the ages of 10 and 15. There are also separate Golden Gloves tournaments for men and women.

What Are The Golden Gloves in Boxing?

What Are The Golden Gloves in Boxing?


To win a Golden Gloves competition, fighters must be prepared physically and mentally. Many of these amateur fighters train for many years before entering a tournament like this. While the challenges associated with Golden Gloves competition is generally very hard, it’s also worth it. What are the Golden Gloves in boxing important for? They can provide a fighter with the exposure that they need to possibly fight on a professional level and/or receive sponsors.