When training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Few can argue that becoming better at Jiu-Jitsu competition requires a number of things. However, if you aren’t flexible, and you can’t get your arms and legs to where you need them, it won’t matter how many techniques you know because you won’t be able to use them. Let’s take a look at five Jiu-Jitsu stretches that you should start working on. Be sure to start on level one, and slowly work your way up when you feel comfortable with the subsequent stretch.

Jiu-Jitsu Stretches

Jiu-Jitsu Stretches

Level 1 – The Butterfly Stretch

The butterfly stretch is one of the fundamental Jiu-Jitsu stretches that can be learned and mastered by anyone. Basically, start by sitting down on your buttocks and touch both knees to the ground while your feet are touching. The key to this technique is to perform it for at least two minutes at a time.

Level 2 – Single Lotus

The single lotus stretch is recommended for succeeding in Jiu-Jitsu competition as it will allow you to perform more intricate techniques including the rubber guard as well as the butterfly guard without any pain or discomfort. This stretch is important as it ultimately sets up you for the later, more difficult ones. With this technique, you are basically sitting on your buttocks while bring one ankle over your opposite-side hip.

Level 3 – Double Lotus

This is where things start to become a little difficult. It is basically the same thing as the single lotus with the only exception being that you are using both of your feet to stretch rather than one. If you notice or feel any pain or discomfort in your knees or hips then immediately stop this technique and switch back to level two.


Level 4 – Double Lotus (Slightly Bent)

Once you have successfully performed the double lotus, you’ll want to start bending your upper body forward slightly. This is going to automatically start increasing the pressure on your knees and hips. Similar to before, if you notice any pain or discomfort then it is recommended that you stop and go back to the previous phase.

Level 5 – Double Lotus (Full Extension)

This stretch hurts, but if you plan on excelling at Jiu-Jitsu competition, you need to master it. To perform a full extension, start in the double lotus position and then touch your head and forearms to the ground in front of you. Similar to the previous stretches, you will start to feel a great deal of pain and pressure around your knees and hips- especially in the beginning. If this occurs, you simply need to spend more time in phase 4 before moving back up to phase 5.