muay thai classes

Muay Thai is a martial art that focuses on attacks involving the elbows, fists, feet, and knees. Grappling strategies can also be employed, though these vary from the techniques normally taught in styles such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you’ve been considering stepping into the world of martial arts, whether for fitness, self-defense, or as a hobby, numerous benefits can come from taking Muay Thai classes.


Healthier Habits


Training in the art of Muay Thai can help you develop lasting habits that you can implement daily for a healthier lifestyle. When you are conditioned for training, you will begin to see the benefits of staying active throughout the day, even when you’re not in class. Plus, a bit of exercise is better than a cup of coffee when you first wake up.


Eating Habits


It’s not just your physical movement that will change after beginning Muay Thai classes, what you eat daily will change as well. Diet can have a huge impact on physicality, and increasing the number of healthy foods in your diet can help you feel better, and perform better, while on the mat and during your everyday activities.


No More Procrastination


Continuous physical training can help train your body, but only if you keep it up. When you first start learning Muay Thai kickboxing it can be easy to procrastinate, but once you start building results you’ll want to continue practicing to keep the progress you’ve gained. If you skip training, especially for multiple weeks, you risk having to backtrack to regain lost skills or strength. Remember, it’s easier to maintain your fitness in the long term than it is to rebuild it once it’s gone.


Breaking Limits


Practicing Muay Thai or any martial art can help you break any personal limitations you might have placed on yourself. Everything in life takes willpower and determination, and by fighting past tiredness and sore muscles during training, you can come to see the gains of your hard work. Giving up is easy, but sticking with your training and building up your skills is both difficult and extremely rewarding.


By taking Muay Thai classes, you can begin breaking these physical limitations, and in extension, any mental limits as well. To be truly skilled in any martial art you need to be smart and strategic; physicality is only half of the battle.


Letting Go of Fear


By training and learning any martial art, you start to gain self-confidence and lose fear. You’ll know how to handle situations differently, and in a manner that is both smart and safe. Facing off against different opponents on the mat can help teach you how to face down many difficult situations without batting an eye. This especially goes from the times where you could be facing down an opponent who is farther along in their learning. Yes, at this point they may be more skilled, but looking back they were where you are now, and in the future, you will achieve what they have.


This greater awareness and understanding makes you more likely to face challenges with a clear mind and a fearless attitude. All of which will allow you to make smarter choices.


It’s estimated that less than 5% of adults in the US engage in 30 minutes of exercise a day. Overall, only one in three adults engage in the recommended amount of exercise per week; don’t let yourself fall into this statistic. By taking Muay Thai classes, you’re not only training your body, but you’re learning discipline, control, and fearless thinking. This can benefit you both on and off the mat with results you can both see and feel. If you are looking to enter into the world of martial arts, consider meeting with a Muay Thai instructor to see if this style is right for you.