• Step into a wide horse stance and rest the hands on the middle of the thighs.Martial Arts Portland
  • Inhale – Roll down the spine, vertebra by vertebra letting the head hang down at the end of the breath.
  • Exhale – Swing your torso to your right, letting the feet pivot with the movement until you are in a long, narrow bow stance facing your right. Roll up the spine and gaze off into the distance.
  • Hold this position for three breaths
  • Inhale – Roll back down the spine and pivot back into a front facing Horse stance. Let the head hang with the neck relaxed.
  • Exhale – Roll up the spine back to the center position. Stay in a deep stance.
  • Repeat on the mirror side.Qigong Portland, Oregon
  • Repeat this movement on both sides three or more times.


Some of the benefits of this Eight Silken Brocades Qigong movement:

  • Strengthens the legs and hips.
  • Stretches the hips, improving range of motion.
  • Free movement in the hip joint improves balance.
  • Helps release stress from the lower and middle back.
  • Regulates the energy of the heart meridian

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This information is meant for reference and to give an idea of the details involved in all of Eight Brocades qigong movements. In order to receive the benefits of an internal arts practice it is vital that you seek qualified instruction.

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