Inhale – The fingertips of both hands stretch down toward the ground.Picture-026
Exhale – Slowly raise the heels until the ankles are fully extended. The fingers continue to stretch down.
Hold this position for three complete breaths.
Inhale – Sink the heels back to the ground.
Repeat this Eight Silken Brocades qigong movement three or more times.

Some of the benefits of this movement of the Eight Silken Brocades Qigong:

  • A calming movement to settle the practitioner after Shadow Boxing.
  • Strengthens and tones the calves, ankles and feet.
  • Improves balance.

Eight Silken Brocades Qigong Form – Closing

Repeat the preparation breaths for three cycles. Close this qigong form with the same salute from the beginning of the set.

Notice the difference in the quality of your mental state as well as the changes in your physical body from before and after your practice.

This is an excellent set for cultivating your health and enhancing your strength. To truly evaluate the benefits of this practice set a minimum goal of one hundred days of continuous practice. If you enjoy and have an affinity for this set it can become a deeply beneficial lifelong practice.


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This information is meant for reference and to give an idea of the details involved in all of Eight Brocades qigong movements. In order to receive the benefits of an internal arts practice it is vital that you seek qualified instruction.

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