Step into a deep bow stance while circling the arms back behind your body and around until they cross at chest height, wrist to wrist. The hands form light fists with the right hand in front.

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Inhale – Shift the weight lightly to the right, then fully to the left while turning your waist left as well.

Exhale – Forcefully breathe out with the throat partially closed, making a strong “haaah” sound. Pull the right fist back to the right shoulder while the left arm extends straight out from the left shoulder. Balance the weight as you extend the arms. Your first finger of the left hand is straight, the thumb is pressed to the side of the hand and the last three fingers curl at the second knuckle. The right hand is in a fist except for the first finger which is curled into a hook.

Hold this position for three complete breaths:

Inhale – Sink the hands down to waist height and let the palms turn up in front of the body. Qigong Portland

Exhale – Circle the arms back and around to cross in front of the chest in loose fists.The opposite hand is in front.
Repeat on the other side of the body.

Repeat both sides of this Eight Silken Brocades Qigong movement three or more times.


Some of the benefits of this movement of the Eight Silken Brocades qigong:

  • Strengthens the legs, especially the quadriceps.
  • Stretches the shoulders and forearms in another direction. Again, beneficial to counter repetitive stress issues.
  • The forceful exhales clear the lungs of stagnant air and invigorate the body.
  • Lightly conditions the shoulders

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This information is meant for reference and to give an idea of the details involved in all of Eight Brocades qigong movements. In order to receive the benefits of an internal arts practice it is vital that you seek qualified instruction.

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