Will BJJ work for self-defense?

Some people wonder whether or not Will BJJ work for self-defense. After all, you won’t really have much to grab onto if your opponent isn’t wearing much clothing. Not to mention, they may be slippery, making it difficult to perform any moves. To answer the question: yes, self-defense BJJ is perfect for defending yourself on the beach.

You Don’t Need Clothing or Collars to Perform MovesWill BJJ work for self-defense

There’s a reason why no-gi training exists: it’s so that people (like you) can learn how to defend yourself against opponents without clothing. In fact, defending yourself against someone on a beach would be virtually identical to how you would be training no-gi at your gym.

What Guard Works Best on the Beach?

When on the beach, there’s no doubt that the rubber guard is one of the most effective guards that you can use for self-defense. The reason why is simple: it doesn’t require you to grab onto any collars or clothing. The rubber guard depends entirely on your ability to hold an opponent down to the ground using nothing more than over/under hooks and your high guard.

The beauty behind the rubber guard is that it will A) Prevent opponents from punching you in the face, and B) Open up a wide range of submission opportunities. If you want to witness firsthand just how effective the rubber guard can be, check out the grappler “Eddie Bravo”.

Having founded the 10th Planet System (which revolves heavily around the rubber guard), you’ll be able to see just how effective it is at the highest level. For anyone wondering, Eddie Bravo is the same grappler who, within the past year, beat a member of the Gracie family in a no-gi, 20-minute match.

Walk Away If You Can

Whether you’re at the beach on vacation or simply trying to find a quiet retreat, sometimes the best thing that you can do is walk away. Physical altercations should almost always be avoided unless you absolutely need to engage an opponent. Remember that if you end up severely injuring the attacker (like breaking a bone for example) then you could be the one ending up in legal trouble!

Although cliché, the old saying rings true here: “With great power, comes great responsibility”. But when the time arises to actually defend against an opponent, keep the above tips in mind to increase your chances of getting away without harm.

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