Does Martial Arts Help Children with ADHD?

For kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, it is often difficult to stay attentive and to control impulses. This condition can negatively impact their experience at school and their interactions with others, which can dishearten them over time. Finding ways to improve their behavior and encourage their confidence is thus essential. One way to aid children who struggle in this way is to enroll them in martial arts classes. But how does martial arts help children with ADHD? Here are some of the ways it can benefit them.

Individual Development

Unlike team sports, martial arts places focus on individual growth. This takes the pressure off of kids, as they can progress at their own pace. They can track personal gains through milestones such as belt ranks and their improvement in different moves and abilities. They’ll also never feel like they are a weak link in a team, which will make space for them to build up their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Interpersonal Growth

At the same time, martial arts can teach children how to interact with others more positively. Because martial arts emphasize respect, kids will learn to treat their instructors and peers agreeably and form a sense of community with them. With the structure that the instructors provide, they will also be held accountable for what they do. Outside of class, they can transfer this mindset to their interactions with all people and communicate well with anyone they meet.

Physical Outlet

Martial arts also provides a safe way for children to get out excess energy that they would have to bottle up in other settings. Practicing kicks, punches, grappling, and other techniques takes a sizable amount of physical exertion, but also self-control. Kids can exercise to contentment, channel frustration into productive martial arts learning, and acquire discipline over their actions.

With these advantages that martial arts can confer on kids, you may consider enrolling your child in classes to help them grow in an accommodating and constructive environment. If you are looking for martial arts in Portland, Northwest Fighting Arts offers kids’ classes that teach discipline, focus, confidence, and strength. We equip students to handle whatever challenges they may face.