Tai Chi Portland Detoxification QigongDetoxification Qigong

1.) Opening salutation
a.) open with feet connect with breath
3 powers (humanity, earth, universe)
b.) raise hands to greet the universe and lower
pay homage to earth, sun etc…be happy to stand in the space you are in
c.) circle L to R into gungfu salute
R foot stays straight
-symbolizes the martial external and the internal within the external
d.) roll back and step back to shoulder width
e.) circle arms wide into prayer
-recite 4 H’s of Qigong:
1.) Happiness
2.) Health
3.) Humility
4.) Harmony
f.) hands out forward to lower

2.) Start with hand at seams of pants
a.) lift arms up and out to sides palms down till arm reaches shoulder height
b.) turn palms up and bend at elbows/overhead till palms circle in front of
temples relax drop shoulders
c.) lower hands when reach about dontieu bounce 3x
palms angle towards body as you push down to wash out toxins into the
Earth/like light it dissipates
*repeat #2 3x

a.) palms face into chest as inhale expand and open chest hands above elbows
b.) exhale make fist, squat lower and open arms
palms down (don’t pull back)
*repeat 9x
c.) on 9th stay low arch back forward roll shoulders fist over fist on centerline
approx 6 rolls, relax arms to sides

4.) Tiger claw- lungs = Heee
a.) open stance 1ft width? wider
b.) inhale with tiger claw to raise hands
palms forward as you raise hands
c.) hold breath pull claw to chest and squat or lower
d.) exhale with Heee sound as you raise legs and push forward with
tiger claw (Heee)= lungs
*repeat #3, 3x w/rolls

5.) Heart = Haaa
a.) raise hands ½ way close fists, palms forward, elbows bend pull into shoulders
b.) extend hands up (exhale) fists palms forward
c.) squat pull hands down to shoulder height as palms turn in to face each other
d.) hands open then you raise back up to make sound
-do 3x
-then #3, 3x w/rolls

6.) Spleen = Hooo
a.) raise hands to navel, turn palms up and pull back to sides, then forward to
front of stomach, palms down R hand on top/hands low
b.) inhale to L twist waist only (no hips) as R hand moves over head and L hand
low, hold breath 8-10sec
c.) twisting back start sound lower R hand raise L hand and close palms up to
sides to lower
-#3, 3x w/rolls

7.) Liver = Shur
a.) raise hands with fists straight up over head
then out and around to pull in to chest palms in triceps resting on ribs hold
breath 3sec
b.) roll back press w/triceps as you sound Shur stand to (crunch like movement)
-#3 3x w/rolls

8.) Kidney = Chur oo ee
a.) raise hands to navel (inhale)
b.) make fist turn palms in pull fist to stomach 1st knuckles touch lightly press in
with fists (exhale)
c.) inhale fill kidneys hold 3-10sec and sound Chur oo ee
-#3, 3x w/rolls

a.) raise hands R hand and circles to prayer L hand palm up
R hand rests in L, think something pleasant to make you smile or think peace,
harmony, health, longevity or both
b.) raise hands to open like #3 to (sound funnel) as you extend bend forward
exhale like blowing out a candle as you let hands swing by sides.
*repeat 9x
-then #3 open to lower hands

10.) raise hands then open at chest like #3, then to prayer lightly, then think something
good, joy, etc… then hands circle out around to standing postures

Standing- all positions keep tail bone lightly tucked, as head lifts to lengthen
spine/ do 8-15 breaths in each

1.) start basketball
to balloon
light soft

2.) hold ball
palms mirror to face

3.) palms angle
down to feet

4.) shoulder drop

5.) hand wrist
light angle

11.) Rocking
a.) hands fist to kidneys
1.) forward, back
2.) left, right
3.) circle left and right
*1-3 10x each only with ankles

Detoxification: after rocking set


1.) hands raise up to L 45 degrees in open palm on guard position palms press forward
push the energy out the palm
step w/ left foot 45 degrees and pulse with hand step R foot up and pulse
do 3x forward and 3x back
circle hands and close

2.) do to R 45 degrees 3x and close

Boxing High

3.) close fists hands come up to L lead guard boxing style
step straight forward 3x and 3x back and close
4.) same as #3 but R lead
*stay same elevation w/head as your walking with all 4

Boxing Low

5.) walk straight forward make fists punch at stomach height
6.) option do in R lead as well
then close

Step forward and open arms

1.) R foot step forward and flip hand like you were flinging water off forward hand is
2.) do L side

1x each side
bring hands to close position at chest height then hand to right side

Brush Knee Pulse
3.) pulse 3x as you step forward down front pulse bounce

back side pulse, then back to shoulder and pulse as you step foot back
*keep slow even rhythm

triangle from R side to L side bounce in center then repeat on L

and finish with close

1.) circle hands up around to prayer position means equality, both are the same, balance
2.) L hand turns palm up and flat R stays in prayer means one is above the other below
there is a difference/ also is giving and receiving
3.) R hand circle under to cross hand in prayer back hand to back hand means one in front
other behind difference
4.) hands move to palms down horizontal two ground means yin and yang opposites,
cooperation, and understanding

hold all postures 1-4 for while to think of meaning then lower hands to sides

raise arms up to sides and close as you step together and finish- bringing everything back to dun tien center and balance