Bjj in Portland ORConsider Taking Self-Defense BJJ Classes if You Live in These American Cities

For some people, BJJ serves as nothing more than an outlet for having fun and staying in shape. But for others, it’s a method of protection. If you live in the following American cities, then you should definitely consider investing your time and money in BJJ classes.

City #1: Detroit

With a population of about 700,000 people, this is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. An estimated 2,000 per 100,000 people are robbed or assaulted each year. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you learn Jiu-Jitsu is if you live in this American city.

City #2: St. Louis

St. Louis has a slightly smaller population of about 320,000. However, the crime rate is still quite high (about 1,800 crimes per 100,000 residents). While Jiu-Jitsu isn’t effective against multiple opponents, it can definitely serve you well against a single attacker.

City #3: Oakland

Oakland’s crime rates are about 1,600 per 100,000 residents. With a population of only 400,000, that’s actually quite a bit. It’s important to note that in this city, violent robberies are quite common. If you can show an attacker that you know BJJ, it might deter them from trying to harm or steal from you.

City #4: Memphis

Memphis experiences about 1,500 crimes per 100,000 residents. This isn’t as much as the others on this list, but it’s still enough to encourage anyone to learn how to defend against an attacker.

City #5: Birmingham

Last on this list is Birmingham, Alabama. The city experiences about 1,400 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. Again, knowing BJJ in this city should help keep you slightly more protected than the rest of the population.

Does BJJ Work Against Weapons?

Unfortunately, Jiu-Jitsu isn’t a martial art that works well against weapons (like guns or knives). Yet, there are a few hidden benefits that you can still experience. For example, by getting in shape at a BJJ gym, you’ll be more likely to have the endurance to outrun an attacker holding a knife.

Granted, this wouldn’t work with a gun but it’s still better than nothing. There are other forms of martial arts that are specifically designed to handle opponents with weapons, the main one being Krav Maga. Krav Maga will teach you how to disable opponents who are holding any kind of weapon, ranging from a simple handgun to knives and Tasers.

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