Conor McGregor Fought Nick Diaz Without Putting on Weight

Conor McGregor MMA

Conor McGregor

Most believe that when Conor McGregor fought Nick Diaz at Welterweight that he put on extra mass. McGregor added to the belief by stating: “It’s a nice feeing, steaks everyday for me, steaks for breakfast, steaks for lunch, steaks for brunch. Grass-fed, massaged beef all day long. It’s a nice feeling and my body is reaping the rewards.”

However McGregor’s Condition coach that he fought at the weight he normally walks around at. Coach John Conor went on to state that after Conor McGregor’s fight in 2013 against Holloway he changed his approach to strength and conditioning. He’s done a lot more strength and conditioning which has given him stronger legs and lower back. McGregor has also been doing a lot of movement training with Ido Portal to improve his strength and quality of movement.

When Conor McGregor weighed in for UFC 196 he was clocking in at 168lbs. This is only a couple pounds heavier than his normal training weight.

So even though many McGregor fans are stating that he was gassing out due to carrying extra weight going into the fight. But knowing what we know now, that McGregor was in ideal condition going into his fight, we have to see that the main issue was Conor McGregor’s lack of pacing.

Maintaining a clear mental state and maintain solid self control is essential in any fight.  What’s your opinion, could Conor McGregor have beat Diaz if he kept a cooler head in the match?

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