Child wants to quit martial artsHere’s the deal: You’ve learned all about the importance of martial arts training for kids. The rare and unique benefits of succeeding in this discipline can’t be found elsewhere in the same combination. What else can you do that gives your kids the skills of focus, physical strength, respect, coordination, self control, confidence and leadership? You know these are the things we all want for our kids.

It goes like this, maybe a friend of yours has a kid who goes to a martial arts academy in town so you decide to check it out. You find the website, contact them for more infomation and next thing you know you’ve set up an introductory lesson for your child.

The day of the first lesson your child is super excited! They get to learn moves like Kung Fu Panda! You are greeted at the door by a friendly, professional kids coach. You are settled in to watch the class and have a chance to ask questions about how the academy works and what to expect. The lesson for you kid is awesome! You see them show levels of focus and discipline you had no idea they were already capable of. You are able to witness the structure and positive impact of the program first hand. Your son or daughter is thrilled and once the lesson has ended they say they want to join. However, before enrolling you ask the staff, “What if my child wants to quit martial arts, I mean he’s only five and changes his mind all the time. How can you be sure he’ll stay interested?”

Truthfully, many of the best members of our community have had the same worry.

But, they would all agree, choosing martial arts was the best thing they ever did for their child.

Parents answer: What if my child wants to quit martial arts?

Traci Sullivan “She totally loves it, she gets excited about coming to class and the challenges. And I think the discipline side of it is good for her… She definitely has more self control, just having expectations and talking about responsibility and started spreading into her day to day life.”

Bill. “We love NWFA, Dominc has thrived in this program and has learned a huge amount about discipline, about attention and about responsibility… I can’t speak highly enough about Northwest Fighting Arts”

“They are being more attentive, more disiplined at home, doing more chores and their schoolwork. Both of your children were student of the month, was that important to them? Yeah, they worked really hard and practiced daily for that. It was really important to them… The instructors, you guys have been great. If we need anything we just ask and you listen…” – Tim Majors, NWFA Member

So, what if your child wants to quit martial arts?! The truth is this is one of the most important lessons they may learn from martial arts. The skill to persevere. The ability to keep going on an important path after it has become challenging is essential to success in anything significant. Think of it like this, if our child wants to quit 1st grade because they do like math do we let them? No! Because we know how important it is. The lesson on how to persevere in martial arts is even more powerful though because it’s something the child has chosen. Now the child can learn that they can be anything they want. They learn that there will always be challenges but now they know they can overcome them.

Child wants to quit martial artsAt Northwest Fighting Arts we ask parents to clearly state the values they want the training to instill in their child. If traits like discipline, focus, strength, confidence, coordination and leadership are important to you then we encourage you to make the decision for your child. As parents it is our role to lead our children to the best life we can provide for them. They are still kids and WE as the parents are the ones responsible for keeping them motivated and focused on what is important. As we said, if our child decides they don’t want to go to school we’ll step in and guide them to the right choice. The education they receive at the academy is just the same.

And just like the the hundreds of families over the years who have sat right where you are sitting, and thought just what you are thinking you’ll find that this is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your child.