Can BJJ Self-Defense Techniques Work Against a Weapon?

In general, there aren’t very many forms of martial arts that work effectively against weapons. Take BJJ as an example. It’s extremely efficient against regular attackers, but it doesn’t work that well against people with knives or guns. Muay Thai kickboxing is another good example. It too works very well at disarming opponents, but won’t work if you’re getting mugged at gunpoint.  So, what other options do you have to defend yourself against a person holding a weapon?

Bjj self-defenseThe Answer: Eskrima

One option that you do have is to start taking Eskrima self-defense classes. This form of martial arts is specifically designed to subdue opponents who are holding weapons. Whether someone is coming at you with a knife or a gun, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting out alive if you know Eskrima. In the following sections, we’ll talk a little more about a few other options that you might have regarding defense against people with weapons.

What to Do When You’re Held Up

No amount of money on Earth is worth your life. If you’re being held at gunpoint, simply give the mugger what they want and hope that they’re satisfied. What’s important is that you’re alive to fight another day. Too many people become attracted to their stuff, and this puts their lives at risk.

What If Your Opponent Doesn’t Have a Weapon?

If an opponent doesn’t have a weapon then feel free to utilize any form of marital arts that you know. BJJ is by far one of the most efficient forms of martial arts that you can use with respect to defending yourself against opponents who are unarmed. Why is BJJ considered such an effective sport in this regard? For one, it’s a form of martial arts that doesn’t revolve around size or strength.

This means that a person who is only 125 pounds will be able to adequately defend himself or herself against someone who weighs twice that amount. When learning Jiu-Jitsu, you’ll be able to learn moves for taking down opponents as well as controlling them when they’re on the floor. Granted, other forms of martial arts can also serve as effective forms of self-defense. The other primary one includes Muay Thai kickboxing, which, while it doesn’t include any grappling, it will allow you to bring a fight to an end with a swift kick or round house kick.