As a general rule, certain aspects of MMA can be practiced alone, while others must be practiced with an individual. For example, shadow boxing or heavy bag training are considered drills that you can performed alone, while sparring requires the inclusion of someone else. In theory, MMA can be self-taught, but it’s always better to seek help from a professional MMA trainer. Let’s answer the question, “Can MMA be self-taught?” in the sections below.

Can MMA Be Self-Taught?

Can MMA Be Self-Taught?

So, Can MMA Be Self-Taught?

In life, the ability to self-teach can offer many practical benefits, and allow an individual to accumulate new knowledge and skill sets without having to invest in a teacher. However, MMA is one of those areas that definitely require assistance from a professional trainer. Here are some of the reasons why:

– Trainers Can Fix Mistakes: When taking the self-teaching route of learning, it might be difficult for you to recognize the mistakes you’re making. As a result, it is possible that you’ll develop bad form that can hinder your future as an MMA fighter.

– Trainers Can Provide Motivation: Learning MMA on your own is possible, but certainly becomes easier when you have a trainer guiding you in the right direction. A reliable and knowledgeable trainer will be able to put you through a training regimen that is proven to make you a better MMA fighter.



– Trainers Teach What Isn’t “In the Books”: Finally, there are simply some techniques and/or strategies that you simply won’t find when learning MMA on your own. You’d be surprised by just how much “inside knowledge” many professional MMA trainers have, which can be useful for helping you become a better fighter. As you can see, trainers play a valuable role in the MMA-learning process. Without them, it would be difficult for you to spot and fix your mistakes, as well as learn many of the “inside” techniques that aren’t available in the public domain.

The #1 Reason Why Self-Learning MMA is Not a Good Idea

Perhaps the #1 reason for why self-learning MMA is not a good idea is because you’ll have nobody to spar with. Learning MMA isn’t like learning algebra – you can’t work out problems on your own and expect to get better. It’s clear that the answer to the question, “Can MMA be self-taught?” is evident: having a trainer is always better than learning this sport on your own.