Standing Sleeper ChokeIf you are ever in need of applying your Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques for self-defense in the Portland, OR area there is a good chance that your assailant is not going to announce that they are planning to attack you. Therefore, it becomes important that you know how to defend yourself in close quarters, once your opponent is already close to you. The Standing Sleeper Choke allows you to do just that and is even useful if you are facing an assailant who may have a weapon. In this position, both you and your opponent are standing on your feet facing one another and they have already placed their arm around the back of your head.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique: Standing Sleeper Choke

1. With your left hand, grab the right hand of your opponent

2. With your right hand, grab the back of your opponent’s head

3. Place the palm of your left hand on their elbow

4. Push up on the elbow of your opponent, this is going to raise their arm automatically

5. As it does, you slip your head underneath your opponents arm

6. Your right hand shoots up as deep as it can possibly go, releasing the head of your opponent

7. Reach around the neck of your opponent with your right arm

8. With your left arm, meet your right hand, but move it upwards thus locking in a choke

9. As you do, you reach your left hand behind your own head, ensuring that there is no way for your opponent to go and they either tap out or are choked unconscious.

Watch this video of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu move:

If you are interested in learning more Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques in Portland, OR or surrounding areas one of the best things to do is take an introductory class, see if you enjoy the instructors and the people that you would be training with.