Brazilian Jiu Jitsu TechniquesSome people assume that most Jiu jitsu techniques are based on a fight hitting the ground. While it is true that BJJ offers a tremendous benefit to self-defense when a fight does actually hit the ground, that does not mean that there are no Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques available before the fight hits the ground. Sometimes a fight is unavoidable and the last thing you want to do is take any unnecessary damage. In that situation, the Standing Rear Naked Choke works perfectly because it limits the range and capacity of your opponent very quickly. In this position, both you and your opponent are standing on your feet facing one another.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques:  The Rear Naked Choke

1. With your left hand, grab the right hand of your opponent

2. With your right hand, grab the back of your opponent’s head

3. This confuses your opponent because they assume something else is coming

4. With your right arm, grab the elbow of your opponent’s right arm

5. Go for the top of the elbow of your opponent

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Portland6. Pull them across your body, towards you

7. With your left hand, push the small of their back away from you

8. This means that your opponent gives up their back to you

9. Wrap your right arm around the neck of your opponent

10. Lock your left arm around the shoulder and now your opponent is locked in tight

11. Once you have your opponent, it is up to you where the fight goes

12. If you are dealing with a much bigger and stronger opponent you can drag them backwards and end up on your back, this making sure any strength or size leverage that they may have had is now no longer a concern.

If you are interested in learning more Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques in Portland, OR or surrounding areas one of the best things to do is take an introductory class, see if you enjoy the instructors and the people that you would be training with. Even though it provides an excellent form of self-defense, BJJ is also great for physical fitness and building self-confidence.