Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique
When your opponent has you in their guard, it means that your attacking options are limited in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique, but it does not mean that you cannot go on the offensive. With a Knee Bar from inside the Guard, you can transition from the relative safety of your opponents guard into an offensive move that can end any conflict. As always, these instructions should be considered positional, if you see an opening on the other arm or side, you simply reverse the instructions as you see them here to make them applicable.


If you are training this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique in Portland, OR, it is important to realize that it is a technique that can very quickly damage the ligaments and joints of your partner. Therefore, it is important to realize how far you can go and not put too much torque in.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Technique: The Knee Bar – The Breakdown

1. Move away from your opponent’s guard by using step 2 and 3

2. Drive your elbows into the thighs of your opponent

3. This not only causes intense pain, but also will cause your opponent to unhook the guard and uncross their feet in all likelihood.

4. Step over the left leg of your opponent as pictured

5. You want to be sure that your left foot is resting on the right hip of your opponent

6. Ensure that you leave your left foot there during the remainder of this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique

7. Hook your right arm around the left leg of your opponent

8. Twist onto your left side

9. While twisting onto your left side, grab a firm hold of the leg of your opponent with both hands as pictured

10. Arch back and push your hips forward

11. This is going to put tremendous pressure on the joint of your opponent, and will result in a tap or snap situation.

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