Stepping into the ring for the first time as a beginner boxer can be intimidating. It can also be frustrating when you aren’t able to learn certain techniques as quickly as you might like. With that being said, let’s take a look at some boxing tips that every beginner boxer can take advantage of.


Boxing Training Tips

Punch lighter and stay calm so that you can last for more rounds. During Portland boxing training sessions, make sure that you focus on keeping your form together as well as your punches sharp. Bag work can help you with this. Secondly, don’t kill yourself on the first day.

Get tired, sweat a little, and start working on the fundamentals.

As a beginner boxer, you’ll want to increase your workload only a little each day, otherwise, you’ll probably become burnt out. Be sure to drink plenty of water, at least one cup every hour to ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the course of your practice. Finally, make friends at your gym, stay humble, and don’t be afraid to ask more experienced fighters to teach you new techniques.


Punching Tips

Make sure that you turn your whole body into your punches. It’s the best way to generate power. If you only punch with your eyes, then you won’t cause much damage to your opponent even when you do hit them in vulnerable areas like the body or chin. Portland boxing tips for beginners suggest that you should avoid throwing a knockout punch several times in a row. Not only will this get you tired but it will expose you for a knockout as well.

Make sure to utilize a variety of combos into your boxing strategy. Focus on a balanced usage of jabs, hooks, straights, and uppercuts. Don’t forget to go for the body, which can be done by jabbing to the head followed by a straight hand to the body. Punching combos should be 3-5 punches max. If they’re longer then you’re probably going to tire yourself out unnecessarily, which could cost you the fight!


Portland Boxing: A Beginner Boxer’s Review of Northwest Fighting Arts


Defense Tips

Succeeding in Portland boxing is all about developing a strong defense. When your opponent is being very aggressive, make sure that you don’t lose your cool. Stay calm, remember to breath, and wait for your opponent to slow down or make a mistake (which they eventually will). Hold your hands high, your elbows low, and always keep your head moving so that it isn’t an easy target for your opponent.

A final piece of Portland boxing advice is this: don’t waste your time or energy running around the ring trying to avoid an opponent’s punches. Think of yourself as a matador fighting a bull – the best way to protect yourself should be to pivot out of its way. By following these simple and effective tips, you’ll be able to better protect yourself when in the ring.