MMA Workout Routine Bodyweight exercises


Bodybuilders Bodyweight exercises


The seven count bodybuilder bodyweight exercises is one of the most intense movements that you could add to your workout program is relatively similar to that of a burpee only with some key differences.  This exercise offers so much variety that it’s almost like a complete body workout all in one.

Main Muscles Worked:

The main muscles worked when performing 7 count body builders are the glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, shoulders, chest, and back.

How To Perform:

To perform the seven count bodybuilders exercise:

1.       Get down so that your hands are on the floor

2.      Jump the legs back until they’re stretched out beneath you (you should be in a plank-like position).

3.      Jump the feet outwards so they’re a comfortable distance apart.

4.      Pause and then jump back inwards again so you’re back in the plank position.

5.      Move directly down into a push-up

6.      Push back up through the push-up until you’re once again in the plank

7.      Jump the feet back to the hands and then move into the full standing position to complete the rep.



Bodybuilders are a favorite drill of Grandmaster Chai Sirisute.  Fighters will do hundreds of reps per day in his intensive Muay Thai training camps.  Over the course of a five day camp you can build up to doing 75-100 in a set….. while facing downhill… in the mud.