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Will Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Get Me In Shape?

When it comes to training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it provides numerous benefits for the person exercising, these benefits go beyond what people associate with training or working out. Apart from receiving a vigorous workout, it also instills a sense of accomplishment and pride with its students. People that enroll in BJJ Training feel a sense of power and confidence.

This is what Black Belt BJJ Training looks like:

The benefits are amazing because those students that go through BJJ Training find themselves on a journey, they roll together, train together and find themselves with people that are like-minded. The people you will meet during your time on the mat are not people that are actually interested in hurting one another, but care more about bringing positivity to a sport that allows them to work together while simultaneously flourish as an individual.


While going through BJJ Training you are going to see that you will increase your muscular endurance, your cardiovascular endurance, and start losing fat, and the best thing is that these things happen without you truly realizing it because you are having fun. This  is not like heading to the gym, placing headphones on that isolate you from the rest of the world and getting your workout in, it represents a supportive, social, and fun atmosphere that provides you with the same benefits of even the most advanced gym routine.


However, the benefits to BJJ Training are more than just physical. Mentally, students find that they can reach a new level of determination to push harder. Once people realize that techniques that were previously thought of as unattainable can be achieved it only further encourages them. Whether you are involved in a high-pressure job, a stay-at-home mother or simply want to become more active, Jiu jitsu can provide a great stress reliever.


Ultimately, the art promotes wellness, healthy living, camaraderie, respect and discipline rather than violence. If you are interested in learning more about BJJ Training in Portland, Oregon, be sure to stop in or e-mail for more information about what options you may have available to you.


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