Helio Gracie BJJ techniquesIf you were asked to invent a BJJ techniques that are successful for self-defense there is a good chance that they would have a few simple requirements. You would like it to be used to incapacitate your opponent or assailant, you would want it to be applied without too much setup or without appearing too obvious, you would want something that quickly ends the fight or struggle and in all likelihood you want a position where the other person can inflict the least amount of damage on your person. If you made a checklist quite like that you would find that this BJJ technique already exists in the Sleeper from the Guard. In this position, you are already in the guard position, not unlike what would happen if you had a larger assailant attack you on the street that got you onto the ground.

BJJ Techniques: The Sleeper from the Guard – The Breakdown

1. Now whether you are in competition or a real fight the chances are that your opponent is going to press their forearm against your throat

2. Obviously, the pressure on your neck makes it difficult to do anything because you are struggling

3. It also makes it difficult to use any sort of power in your hands because you have less torque

4. You use your hips and bump them into the hips of your opponent

5. This temporary separation releases the power from their hand on your throat

6. Once your opponent has a looser grip, push your opponent towards you

7. You push them towards your side

8. This means you have them on your side, with a choke around the neck with both arms

9. Lock your arms together to ensure that your opponent is not getting out of the choke

10. By locking your own hand against the side of your head your are providing yourself with extra leverage for the choke, which ensures your opponent, is staying where they are.


BJJ Techniques: The Sleeper from the Guard – The Video


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