Jiu jitsu fitness training

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One of the reasons that people want to start Jiu jitsu fitness training is because of the tremendous benefits jiu jitsu has for physical fitness. People can reach another level of personal fitness without having to spend hours in a gym or going through the same old routine that they have for years.

If you walk into any BJJ training facility in the Portland, OR area, you will note that the vast majority of the people who have been training for quite some time are in great shape. That is because BJJ does not simply teach technique and discipline, it also provides a full body workout that cannot be beat.

One of the most important aspects of getting into the best physical shape of your life is strength and endurance. With Brazilian jiu jitsu training, you are focusing on both without having to lift weights or run around on a treadmill. Many people that have incredible bodies credit grappling and even mention the fact that they have not lifted weights in years.

Why not just lift weights? What makes a Portland Jiu jitsu fitness training class better?



There is a constant struggle when you are training and rolling with your sparring partners, you are training yourself both mentally and physically. And truth be told, it can be quite difficult to amp yourself up for another workout if you are just going to go to the gym and run on a treadmill for thirty minutes. After all, if you are not going to go to the gym usually there is no one there that expects you, and the only thing you are hurting is your wallet because you are paying for a membership that you do not use.

When you train in BJJ, you work out with other people in a class, you have an instructor who takes personal pride in getting you in better shape and making sure you reach a higher level when it comes to training. This is what motivates students to come back repeatedly.

Even if you have never tried it before and are just interested in learning more about the sport because of the increasing popularity of mixed martial arts, it is highly recommended that you try at least one lesson. Once you understand and see the benefits it can have for you, you are likely to be hooked like so many others before you.


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