Learn These 5 BJJ Competition Techniques to Improve Your Competitive Jiu Jitsu Game

Brazilian jujitsu competitions give you the opportunity to test your skills against other grapplers and identify weaknesses in your grappling game. If you’ve ever been to a competition before, then you’ll know that some techniques are used more often than others. We’ve listed a few common ones here:

Single-leg takedowns

Takedowns are an important part of the match—especially if you are looking to gain a point advantage. One of the most common takedowns that you will encounter is the single leg and wrestlers are particularly talented at this technique. Some of the ways to prepare for the single-leg include drilling the sprawl, the cross-face and various judo throws, like the Uchi-Mata.

The Kimura

This is a common attack from the guard and the north/south position. You’ll likely see several different attempts at the Kimura during competition and various defenses against the hold, like grabbing your own belt or hip. The most appropriate defense to a Kimura hold will depend on the position that you are in.

The Triangle

The triangle is definitely a common attack that you’ll see in jujitsu competitions and the setups may vary depending on the situation. You might see someone attempt a triangle from their back, the mount, side-control or even from taking an opponent’s back. That’s one reason why it’s so important to drill the common defenses against the triangle, so they are almost second nature. Don’t forget to keep your arms in tight when passing the guard!

Guillotine choke

This is another common attack that you may encounter in competition and these chokes are particularly easy to secure from a standing position and within the guard. The Guillotine can be quite painful, even when you are defending. A common set up for the guillotine is to sit up and attempt a Kimura from the guard, and when your opponent defends, quickly transition into the choke.


Portland BJJ Competition Technique: Jiu Jitsu Armbar from the Cross Choke

The Armbar

This might be the technique that you see more than any others in competition. A talented Jiu Jitsu player can come up with an opportunity to attack the arm from almost any position. This is one why it’s so important to practice armbar defenses before entering competition. No matter how good you are it’s always possible to get caught in an armbar.

These are only a few of the common techniques you will see in a Brazilian jujitsu competition. Keep in mind that you may also see several unorthodox attacks as well.