Get Fighting-Fit with MMA!

The increased awareness of health and fitness has compelled many people to sign up for fitness programs and to hit the gym. The wide range of fitness programs available from certified trainers and fitness instructors has made it quite difficult to choose the appropriate fitness program.

If you are a fitness buff and are searching for a fitness program, then why not try MMA fitness training? The MMA fitness program is not only for fighters. It’s a total workout training program with more astounding benefits than you can imagine.

MMA in Portland

Even if you don’t aspire to become an MMA fighter, you can still take advantage of this training program. Here are some benefits of this revolutionary fitness program:

Improves Stamina and Flexibility

Mixed Martial Arts training combines different styles of martial arts, including Thai boxing, grappling, Jiu Jitsu, western boxing and wrestling. Therefore, it includes a variety of strength boosting and cardio exercises that help improve your stamina, muscle coordination and flexibility.


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Teaches Self-Defense

Since MMA training incorporates a variety of martial arts techniques, in this program you will be performing exercises that involve a lot of ground fighting, kicks, throws, grappling, punches and defensive maneuvers against fake opponents. This helps you gain self-defense skills and techniques that help you defend yourself in time of need.

Increases Level of Endurance

MMA is a muscle–pumping, vigorous fitness training program that is designed to improve your level of endurance significantly. The increased endurance helps you at every step of your life. You can handle life problems and control your emotions in a better way. Also, this training enables you to stay active throughout the day, without feeling fatigued.


Portland MMA: Primary Kick Targets for Mixed Martial Arts


Weight Loss

Exercises included in this program help burn excess fat and you achieve a well-defined, lean-mass body.

Improves Self Confidence and Discipline

The training is ideal for both women and men. As days go by, you will feel and experience a more confident you. This program is known to improve self confidence and discipline. You learn to control your aggression, as the principle of this fitness program is to never use your Mixed Martial Arts skills for violence. In this fitness program, you learn to gain better control of your power and anger.

Without a doubt, the Mixed Martial Arts fitness program is definitely a workout plan that improves both your mental and physical fitness.


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