Becoming the best MMA fighter that you can be requires dedication, determination, endurance, strength, and skill. You must have a grueling desire to work harder than the next day, as well as partake in MMA drills constantly until you perfect your techniques. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can become a better fighter today.

MMA fighter

Considerations about Training Your Body

Training your body is the number one way to become a better fighter. If you were to analyze the best MMA fighters, you would notice that they all share one thing in common: they hone their abilities day in and day out. Your strength and agility is going to take you a long way towards helping you dominate opponents. You need to do MMA drills constantly in order to master those techniques that you already know.

Focus on Your Strengths

Whether you are a strong standup fighter or efficient grappler, it is important that you focus on your strengths. While you shouldn’t ignore those areas that you are not proficient at, you should realize that the best way to put pressure on opponents is to use what you’re good at. The key to mastering your offensive techniques is repetition, repetition, and repetition. At the vest least, you should be performing MMA drills for specific techniques at least 100 times per practice session.

An MMA Fighter: Movement and Mobility

Agility is a huge requirement for anyone wanting to become a good MMA fighter. The ability to move quicker than your opponent, while maintaining accuracy, will put you at a great advantage over the opposition. In fact, your level of mobility could spell the difference between being an okay fighter and a great one.

One of the better MMA drills that you can perform to increase your overall speed in agility would be to do wind springs. They are effective because they mirror the sudden bursts of energy that you will often use as a fighter. To perform this drill, start by running twenty yards, taking a break one minute break, and then running another twenty yards. The key is to run as quickly as you can, and don’t hold back.


MMA fighter workout: BodybuildersIncreasing Flexibility – Excellent For Submission Grapplers

Once on the ground, you need to have an ample amount of flexibility to perform certain submissions. Be sure to spend just as much time on your flexibility and limberness as you do on other areas of your training. Some simple yet, effective exercises that you can do to increase this area of your game would be the butterfly stretch, single lotus stretch, double lotus stretch, and heads over your shoulders. All of these will make you much more limber and will increase your ability to perform submissions.