Tai Chi Masters

tai chi master

How do you know when you have become a Tai Chi Master? Do you become one simply because you have spent a prerequisite number of hours attending classes in a Dojo that have been taught by someone who has already become a recognized Master? Perhaps there is a test you need to take that if you pass it, you become a “certified” Master. If you had to pick one of the above, you are most likely to be closest if you were to choose the number of hours spent mastering your skills.

Years of experience

At the same time, this does not mean that just because you have been a regular attendant at the classes being taught at your favorite Dojo that you will become a Master. The reality is that it can take many, many years to attain the level of skill and harmony that the true Tai Chi Master can claim to have. A true master no longer has to think about the movements that are an integral part of Tai Chi. He will be able to move fluidly through the various forms and in doing so will find that his external actions are moving in complete harmony with the flow of his Chi or internal life force.

Facing Reality

The reality is that many people who practice Tai Chi will never actually achieve the status of being a Tai Chi Master. This is simply because they spend far too much time thinking that they have already achieved this revered status and are no longer willing to listen and learn from others. When they reach this point, the majority of them will find that instead of continuing to improve, their practices and skills begin to decline. Of course there are also those who practice Tai Chi as a hobby and have no real intentions of becoming a Master.

You are also going to find that your teacher will have a dramatic impact on how soon, if ever you will be awarded the degree of Tai Chi Master. With the right teacher, you may be able to advance through the various levels far more quickly than you might with the wrong teacher or one that may not have the highest level of skill himself. It is very important that you find an instructor that you can feel very comfortable working with and learning from.

Tai Chi Master Prep

In order to prepare yourself to become a Tai Chi Master, you will need to spend as much time as you possibly can in training. Chances are good that you are not going to be able to spend years living in a monastery learning Tai Chi or have a live in teacher, but there is no reason that you cannot attend every class you can and practice on your own or in a group every chance you get. Given time and practice, you can be presented with the degree of Master, which you will carry with you throughout your life.