Tai Chi blogA little about me and this tai chi blog

For almost 20 years now, I’ve been in love with practicing martial arts. At first, I saw it as an interesting way to get in shape—the movements are varied, active, and practical. But, I quickly discovered that it is also rich in art, culture, and philosophy. From there, it didn’t take long for it to become a way of life—or, more accurately, a microcosm for it. This perspective really solidified when I first started training Tai Chi 10 years ago.

The Tai Chi Blog

I’ve found Tai Chi to be a very powerful and fulfilling practice that is based on millennia of research and development. My intention with this blog is to share the many reasons why I came to this perspective—all the practicalities, the benefits, and the philosophy, as well as some related news, interesting videos, and tips and tricks to studying that I share in this Tai Chi blog.

You and me and us

I hope my insights will be useful to those of you out there interested in a deeper study into the nature of martial arts, Tai Chi in particular, or life in general. This exchange/exploration will be infinitely more valuable if you, the reader, become involved. In the spirit of building a community and advancing understanding of our beloved arts, I encourage you to leave comments—anything you’d like to add, correct, disagree with, etc. Also, please send me any questions or topic suggestions in via the comments below.