(aka Egg Nog proof yourself for the holiday)

Fitness and well-being doesn’t have to be complex of overwhelming

If you incorporate a few body-weight exercises like this throughout your day you can expect a noticeable increase in performance and fitness.

Anytime you eat or drink anything your body is either going to use it or store it right?  What we want to do is trick the body into store as much of the fuel as possible in the muscles or instead of fat cells.

How do we do this?  At about an hour after eating or drinking we do a short bust of intense exercise with a large muscle group….

Enter the Air Squat.  You can do this one anywhere… even if you are out with friends you can excuse yourself to the bathroom and crank these out quick.  Aim for a set of 60 or so.

  • Feet shoulder width.
  • Back Straight.
  • Sit down until the thighs are parallel with the ground
  • Again Back Straight!  Really important.
  • Stand Up
  • Repeat.


It’s that easy.  Use this anytime you indulge.  It will help your body deal with some of the blood sugar blast and minimize the insulin response.




Check out the Four Hour Body book for more info like this.