Those who are unfamiliar with the martial arts may not understand how our involvement in these disciplines can have a profound effect on how we live. But the reality is that by participating in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you will strengthen your body, mind, and spirit in a multitude of ways. In today’s post, we’ll talk in depth about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s benefits and why you may want to consider training in this art.

  1. You’ll learn to defend yourself: When they start out, most students know very little about self-defense. But the practice of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is well-aligned with self-defense principles. As you train, you’ll learn how to defend yourself against oncoming attacks and assess the most effective ways of dealing with dangerous situations — but in a controlled environment. The techniques you’ll learn in BJJ will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need both on the mat and out in the real world. That experience is priceless, allowing you to stay safe and carry yourself with the assurance that you can handle just about anything.
  2. You’ll ramp up your fitness: It’s easy to see that many of us could benefit from a more active lifestyle. But if you don’t enjoy running in the park or using the elliptical in the gym, you may feel like your options are somewhat limited. You may never even have considered how the martial arts can transform your body. A one-hour martial arts session of moderate intensity can burn up to 500 calories. Attending classes on a regular basis can build your stamina, help you lose weight, and increase your strength. And because you’ll be focused on building your technique, you probably won’t even realize how hard you’re working in class!
  3. You’ll relieve stress: It seems like we’re more stressed out than ever before. When we don’t have a way to relieve that stress, we may bottle it up. This can impact everything from the amount of bodily tension you experience to the closest relationships in your life. By partaking in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you’ll have an automatic way to release that stress valve and work through your frustrations. You may walk in to the studio with worries weighing down on you, but by the time you leave, you’ll feel a whole lot lighter and happier. In that way, it can act as both fitness and therapy.
  4. You’ll have more energy: As Americans, many of us lead sedentary lifestyles. When you sit behind a desk all day and are too exhausted to do much in the evening, your wellness will suffer. You’ll feel sluggish all the time. Your friends and family may complain that you don’t want to do anything anymore. But Jiu Jitsu can change that. You might assume class would make you feel too tired to move. Realistically, it can actually give you more energy and stay focused throughout the day. And because you’re expending this energy in a healthy way, you may even sleep better at night, too.
  5. You’ll develop socially and mentally: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t all about physical benefits. It also provides a host of mental, social, and spiritual advantages. This discipline has a distinct mental component that allows you to think more critically and focus on problem-solving. You’ll also learn to develop patience with yourself and inner strength (as well as outer strength). Finally, because Jiu Jitsu is not a solitary sport, you’ll form close connections with others who enjoy the same activity. Although they may come from all walks of life, you’ll be able to encourage each other and grow together — and that’s truly special.

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