jiu jitsuDid you know nearly two-thirds of parents are concerned that their children spend too much time on their phones or other electronic devices? While technology has infiltrated nearly every facet of our lives, it’s particularly concerning among the youth of the nation who are glued to their screens.

Getting your child engaged in healthy activities with others is the best way to foster growth and communication. Here are some of the best activities to get your child’s head out of the internet and focused on a sport.

The negative effects of technology

While some technology is good, too much of it can cause negative consequences. While it’s essential that young children have access to this technology, it can limit social behavior, promote difficulty concentrating, and lead to poor health.

3 healthy options for kids

When you want to encourage growth and development in your child, getting them involved in a disciplined sport will promote health, cognition, and establish positive interactions with others. Get your child off the couch and into these three healthy sports:

  • Jiu Jitsu: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu relies on strength and precision to hone concentration and discipline in the body. BJJ requires serious attention from its participants which improves body awareness and coordination. In children, this is essential for developing motor skills and improve mind-body coordination.
  • Kickboxing: Kickboxing is a highly active sport that relies on collaboration with others to hone strength, concentration, and self-confidence. Muay Thai kickboxing banishes a sedentary lifestyle and promotes self-discipline through vigorous physical activity. Though this sport is often seen as violent, Muay Thai training promotes peaceful conflict resolution. You may find that your child is more confident, more socially involved, and has better concentration after engaging in healthy Muay Thai kickboxing classes.
  • Tai Chi: Tai Chi is a type of Chinese exercise that promotes concentration and strength in the body. It focuses on nearly all of your muscle groups as your child performs precise, gentle movements to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Because this activity doesn’t rely on tools, any child can participate. This includes those who cope with motor deficits and sensory processing issues.

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