kickboxing classes

In 2016, approximately 6.9 million Americans above the age of six participated in kickboxing classes. This sport is certainly a popular one that provides a wealth of opportunities for muscle definition and weight loss. But there are also several unique benefits of kickboxing for female participants, in particular. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of kickboxing classes for women.

  1. Self-Defense: In today’s world, the reality is that women have to be on their guard. Ideally, people of all genders should feel safe walking to their car, going for a walk, or doing their shopping. But for women in our society, this isn’t always the case. Many female martial arts participants find that their involvement can allow them to adequately protect themselves if they’re ever involved in an unsafe situation. This may not be the main reason people seek out these classes, but it’s often a secondary benefit that women find to be especially valuable in their everyday lives. Feeling empowered, rather than feeling vulnerable to attack, can make all the difference.
  2. Confidence: Aside from the self-esteem boost you’ll receive when you know you’re able to defend yourself in a dangerous situation, the skills you’ll obtain in kickboxing classes can help you feel more self-assured in general. Being able to take care of yourself and work out regularly can do wonders for your confidence level. Not only will you feel great about what you can accomplish, but you’ll also feel great about the way you look. By partaking in these classes, you’ll be able to set and surpass your goals while taking note of your physical progress.
  3. Whole Body Health: Many people will look for the best classes for kickboxing Portland has to offer just so they can drop a few pounds or tone their muscles. And these classes will certainly help you to do that, which means they’re a good investment in your physical health. But kickboxing can provide some much-needed stress relief, as well. That’s often just as important to the countless women who are in the midst of juggling a million professional and personal obligations. Committing yourself to this type of workout routine is actually putting your entire well-being first — and that’s the only way you can be there for others. The stress relief these classes provide can help you feel more energized and productive during the day, allow you to sleep better at night, and keep your emotions from overwhelming you during tough situations.

Often, the physical benefits of kickboxing can entice you to sign up at your local martial arts studio. But it’s actually the emotional and mental advantages that might make you fall in love with this sport. To learn more about how kickboxing can benefit you or the women in your life, please contact us today.