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Have you ever thought about trying Trigard mixed martial arts? Perhaps you’ve wondered what mixed martial arts (MMA) really is? It’s a full-contact combat sport that uses a variety of martial arts including effective ground-fighting techniques. With Northwest Fighting Arts’ extremely high-level martial arts training in Trigard OR, you could take your goals all the way to the Octagon!


Effective Self-Defense: Trigard Mixed Martial Arts

It’s important to note that MMA instruction includes comprehensive and effective techniques in ground fighting. That’s because in a “real world” fight, there’s a good chance one or both parties will end up on the ground. Knowing how to properly defend yourself in this situation with our martial arts training in Trigard OR can make all the difference.

But who’s really qualified to teach you mixed martial arts in Trigard OR? Northwest Fighting Arts has been around since 1994 and all our instructors are highly recognized and seasoned fighters. In our 8,200 square foot academy, you’ll find the proper amount of space to ensure proper instruction. The somewhat cramped facilities in other cities and states are not ideal.


Don’t Forget the Fun with Our Trigard Martial Arts Training

Yes, of course, we’ll train you to defend yourself properly with our recognized martial arts training in Trigard OR. But when folks are beginners, they may not know how much fun our classes are! Many positive and long-lasting relationships have been built, right here, at our facility. That’s because every student who walks through our doors experiences the following benefits with Trigard mixed martial arts:

  • Your mind will be quicker and more resilient.
  • Your stress level will decrease significantly.
  • You will get closer and closer to mastering patience.
  • Your body will be stronger with Trigard martial arts training.
  • Your confidence will go through the roof!

And, yes, don’t forget the fun. Exercising with Trigard mixed martial arts is highly enjoyable. Many of our students work in offices that they find boring from time to time. It’s time to liven things up and build potentially life-saving skills at the same time with mixed martial arts in Trigard OR.


Northwest Fighting Arts: The Best in Trigard Mixed Martial Arts

How about 30 days of free training and a uniform?

Call us today, at 503-235-3435, for the best martial arts training in Trigard OR.