Ten Qualities of a Total Winner

Ever noticed how the people who have really succeeded in life resemble each other?

And not just a little, might we add!

Whether you’re listening to one successful TV show host or another, to a basketball player or a golfer, to a famous CEO or a celebrated self-help trainer, some traits seem all but hardwired in their characters.

Dennis Waitley, in The Psychology of Winning, extracts the ten most important features of this kind and explains how you can obtain them too, in a neat, comprehensible manner. The lessons contained in this audiobook can be applied to your training at Northwest Fighting Arts, your job, and your personal life!

Disc 1 Positive Self-Expectancy 1-6 and Positive Self-Motivation 7-10


Disc 2 Positive Self-Image 1-5 and Positive Self-Direction 6-10

Disc 3 Positive Self-Control 1-4 and Positive Self-Discipline 5-8

Disc 4 Positive Self-Esteem 1-4 and Positive Self-Dimension 5-9

Disc 5 Positive Self-Awareness 1-5 and Positive Self-Projection 6-11

Disc 6 Winning in the 21st Century 1-14