Slavons experience here at Northwest Fighting Arts has been relevant to some of the challenges he has experienced at school and at home. Using the skills he is learning here at the academy he has been able to work through situations that usually would need parent intervention to help.  It is great seeing him have the tools to be more independent. The class has been really good for him it is hard with our busy schedules to make all of the sessions but we have seen so much positive growth in our son sense he started we do whatever it takes to make this a consistent activity for our son.

- John Vaderbeck

Our kids our motivated to do work around the house because they want to get their discipline stripes on their belts this is a great strategy. We have also learned some parenting skills from the instructors here at the academy that has helped us be more effective at home. NWFA is the best thing we have ever done for our kids.

- Lisa

We love Norhtwest Fighting Arts Dominic has thrived in this program and learned a huge amount. Discipline, attention and responsibility of the program is awesome. Dominic loves the physical exercise and the sparring. At home we see more discipline and effort like he is expected to here at the academy. We joke a little bit at home saying you’re supposed to be applying the martial arts training here you will have to do 5 push up’s. We never take it that far we save that for the martial arts classes but it is fun. The regular expectation of participation and the culture here at the academy is great I cannot speak highly enough about the program here at Northwest Fighting Arts.

- Bill Grieser

We have seen many benefits our kids are more attentive and more disciplined at home. They are doing chores helping with dinner and yard work without being asked to do it they are more focused on their school work, they are more organized and have the self-motivation to do well at whatever they do. They are excited about practicing and have fun with the training. The staff has been very accommodating if we ever need anything we ask and they do whatever they can to make it happen. The program is great they are always adapting and changing to make things interesting and more effective.

- Tim Majors

Dilan has been part of the Northwest Fighting Arts program for a year and a half now. Sense we have first brought him here throughout this process he has really gained a lot of respect for the program over all it has taught him how to treat people with respect. The schedule has taught him discipline as far as doing his homework and his training. Most of all it has really helped him to be confident. I think this is the major the component it has really taught him to be confident in himself and what he can do. He has excelled in it and it has made him feel good about himself and what he can do. The instructors have been great we have had a really great experience with all of them they are caring and considerate with all of the kids.

- Rayna Lee