Kids Martial Arts
Kids Martial Arts

To build confidence, discipline and self-reliance in young people, Northwest Fighting Arts offers incredible Portland kids martial arts classes. Portland kids jiu-jitsu is taught by an instructor who is an expert and the staff also has extensive experience. We have led kids martial arts in Portland OR for years, so you can trust us to guide your child through a life-changing experience that can alter how he or she thinks about fitness, the world and himself or herself. We believe that Portland kids jiu-jitsu is a key transformative experience that serves children well for life.


Enroll Your Child in Portland Kids Martial Arts

Many parents seek out kids martial arts in Portland OR because it encourages youngsters to learn respect, integrity and perseverance. From Portland kids jiu-jitsu, a child not only becomes more physically fit but develops character and maturity. Being more confident and self-reliant through Portland kids martial arts is an investment in someone’s future. The benefits of getting involved with Northwest Fighting Arts include:

  • Mental conditioning
  • Learning a new, healthier lifestyle
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Better performance in school
  • Achieving success
  • Making lasting friendships
  • Forging leadership ability
  • Learning self-control
  • How to handle pressure
  • Gain appreciation for hard work and responsibility

Portland kids jiu-jitsu is a philosophy for living and a way to exercise. We teach both in our youth classes. It can change the way a young person sees everything and everyone around them. It can be transformative and help someone grow tremendously at a critical stage of his or her life. They become more physically fit people who are more prepared for the myriad challenges they will face later on as adults.

We want to acquaint children with Portland kids martial arts because we are sure they will love what they experience. Our supportive staff and inventive curriculum can guide their way. We invite them to join us as we work to become better versions of ourselves through friendship, training and martial arts for kids.

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