Western Boxing & Muay Thai

Phase I Intermediate

Minimum training: 45 Classes



Warm ups


I.          Stretching

  • Low arm crosses
  • High arm crosses
  • Arm circles
  • Rear elbows
  • Front elbows
  • Cross arm stretch
  • Rear arm stretch
  • Triceps stretch
  • Lunge stretch forward
  • Lunge stretch backward


II.          Twisting

  • Arm swinging
  • Corner punch
  • Guard position


III.          Rope Drill

  • Side hop
  • Front hop
  • One leg


IV.         Rhythm Hop

  • Solo
  • Jab
  • 6 count cross
  • Shuffle


 V.          Shadow Box


VI.          Wrap hands





 I.          Stance

  • Cuban style measurement
  • Straight front foot
  • Forty-five degree front foot
  • Chin, body angle, and gaze
  • Hands:
  1. Lead-Long, Rear-”On the phone”
  2. Lead-Short, Rear-”On the phone”
  3. Lead-Closed, Rear-”On the phone”


Note: All guard positions can be done in the pillar or pyramid positions


II.          Striking

  • Jab (98% extension with lead fist)
  1. Single
  2. Double
  3. Triple
  4. High, low
  5. Low, high
  6. HLH
  7. LHL


  • R straight
  1. Short
  2. Long
  3. Stepping
  4. Stepping left 45 degrees


  • Hook
  1. Short
  2. Mid.
  3. Long
  4. Stepping
  5. Leaping
  6. 3 Count exchange


  • Uppercut
  1. Horizontal
  2. Diagonal
  3. Vertical

Note: On the Uppercut- Elbow does not extend past the back, doing so leaves an opening and telegraphs your punch.


III.          Footwork


  • Half-step in all 4 directions
  • Shadow box dance
  1. Solo
  2. Jab
  3. R straight
  4. Jab, R straight


  • Quarter circle
  1. Jab
  2. R straight


  • Eighth Circle
  1. Jab
  2. R straight

*All footwork should first be practiced slow with precision making sure your balance is strong.   Then speed it up work feet through the movement as fast as possible trying to keep as rooted as you were when going slow.   This will greatly affect how successful you will be when performing in the ring.


Muay Thai


I.          Footwork

  • Skip step rhythm
  • Skip step half-circles, left & right


II.          Kicking

  • Thai kick with whip
  • Quick switch & kick
  • “Hop into it” kick
  • “Step into it” kick
  • Cut kick
  • Three count repetitive – low, mid, high
  • Leg Check (tight cover)
  • Spinning back kick


III.          Knees

  • Skip knees (hit-hit)
  • Circle knees (cup knees)
  • “Wall or Rope”
  • Ones, Twos & Threes
  • Short knee
  • Straight upward knee (to head)


IV.         Elbows

  • Downward
  • Upward






As a requirement to test every member must help teach the Ram Muay to two newer members.























Members will be certified as an assistant instructor within Northwest Fighting Arts upon completion of the NWFA stand-up curriculum Phase I: Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced, and Advanced sections.  This certification allows members to teach within NWFA under the supervision of senior instructors.